Things that I can easily tour

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I share this project with the Israeli choreographer Uri Turkenich. In it, we deal with intimate conversations as a performative practice. It is a very nice piece and also very tourable (so ask us to come by writing to me!). Here is a documentation of the performance (best sound and image quality), here is a link to another documentation of the performance (favorite performance). Above is an image (by Marika Troili or Sofie Anderson; unsure) and here is a link to a festival we were part of at Weld in Stockholm.

This image is a token for Tactical Meditations, a performance created together with the performing arts collective Nyxxx. Tactical Meditations is an interactive performance about human-machine relations in our time. It includes cyborg tarot readings, listening to the hearts of cell phones and much more. This is also something we would love to tour more.